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UniMAP Researchers Excel at SIIF 2018 South Korea

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KANGAR, 14 Nov - Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Researcher achieved 100 per cent success at the Seoul International Invention Fair (SIIF) 2018 which was held at COEX Convention Center, Seoul, South Korea recently.

UniMAP managed to bring  back three gold, two silver and one bronze medals and two special awards from Taiwan and Poland.

One of the three products that received gold medal is High Strength Geopolymer Reinforced Lead-Free Solder For Aerospace Interconnects Application, invented by Dr. Mohd Arif Anuar Mohd Salleh. This product also received a special award from the Taiwan Inventor Association. 

Dr Mohd Arif said the lead-free solder material is a solder material which was reinforced with nano-sized geopolymer ceramic materials. 

He added that it is an environmental friendly solder material that was developed to replace lead solder which could harm the environment and human health. 

"The produced welding material is capable of producing a very strong connection and can be applied to extreme conditions such as for the telecommunications and aerospace electronics," he said when contacted. 

Meanwhile, the second gold medal was for the Fly Ash Lightweight Geopolymer Aggregate (LiGA): Environmental Friendly Insulator Materials for Building Application, invented by Alida Abdullah and team who have also received a special award from The Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers. 

LiGA is a lightweight building material capable of reducing heat transfer, which is an important feature in providing a comfortable environment where one does not feel too hot or too cold in a building. 

While, the third product is a Biometric System For Computer Forensics Investigation: User Authentication System Based on Keystroke Dynamics and Soft Biometrics, invented by Dr. Syed Zulkarnain Syed Idrus Al Saggoff.

All the three researchers are from the Center of Excellence Geopolymer & Green Technology  (CEGeoTech), UniMAP

UniMAP Vice Chancellor, Datuk Prof. Dr. Zul Azhar Zahid Jamal said the success at SIIF 2018 complements UniMAP's achievement for the year of 2018. 

"We hope this achievement will be a stimulus for all the researchers to produce more impactful products for the community next year," he said when contacted. 

SIIF 2018 is an annual event organized by the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA). 

Besides Malaysia and the host South Korean, participants from more than 20 countries also attended this prestigious competition.


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