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The approach to university research varies worldwide but would normally evolve from the individual researcher to a small group of active researchers in a particular area of specialization. Being a new university, UniMAP decided to bypass this usual evolution. In 2004, interdisciplinary research in seven key areas, were formed. The areas are Sustainable Engineering, Microelectronic & Nanotechnology, Sensor Technology & Application, Autonomous Systems & Machine Vision, Electrical Machine Design, Acoustic Application and Embedded Computing. Each research area is called a ‘cluster’, and each ‘cluster’ has its own ‘Research Advisor’, usually an expert from abroad. Instead of being under the jurisdiction of schools, the seven clusters are somewhat self-governed, with a ‘Cluster Head’ taking care of the overall technical and administrative concerns of each cluster.

This non-school specific configuration encourages interdisciplinary participation of potential researchers who hail from different schools within the campus. This is in line with the trend today, where modern engineering jobs cut across various fields and disciplines. The boundary between disciplines has become blurred, and engineers from different backgrounds work together in a team to achieve common objectives.

At the university level, the Research, Management & Innovation Centre and the Cluster Management Unit, under the purview of the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation), coordinates the overall research activity. Apart from encouraging cross-disciplinary involvement of researchers, this structure allows the administrative concerns of research activities to be taken away from schools, thus allowing school deans to spend more time to further develop and improve their undergraduate programmes.

Generate researchers and research products of international standing.

Ensure optimum research in UniMAP by inculcating a research culture with efficient management in tandem with the nation's policies.


  • Upgrade and improve research activities.
  • Coordinate all research related activities.
  • Ensure relevant industries have access to related research output.




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